10watt projector



I’m Robert Evans and 10 watt projector is my digital soap box. It’s a place for me to share ideas and side projects with the rest of the world. My day job is my small but awesome advertising / design studio based in Jupiter Florida. We do traditional and non-traditional advertising for a range of clients. My background is graphic design which I’ve been doing in some form or another for as long as I can remember, but officially I have a B.A. in graphic design from Flagler College.

My interests are all over the place but I’m truly passionate about art and design in all forms, whether it’s graphic, industrial, mechanical, architectural, you name it. There’s something about solving a problem through or with design that I think is amazing… and an art.

As you’ll see a lot of that passion is focused on home built motorcycles a.k.a. choppers. To me they seem to be the perfect combination of design mediums. First and foremost stuff has to work and getting it to do that with the least amount of parts is an art in itself. Then there’s the aesthetics of each piece that come together to make a bike look just right. It’s self expression on multiple planes. Which I guess is kind of like this site.

Thanks for checking it out,

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