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Tar ball run III

The TBR III has begun and it’s off to a cold start. As usual I got off to a late start, so I was racing the setting sun and cold temperatures. Made it to the metropolis that is known as Okeechobee just as the sun disappeared. From there to Sebring was nothing but cold, dark and bugs. There were so many bugs it felt like it was raining… crunchy rain. So aside from the fact my visibility was decreasing due to the accumulating exoskeletons on my glasses, the darkness and rural highway had me fearing a collision with a large mammal. And the increasing amounts of blood stains on the road made it more immanent.

Fortunately my only mammal encounter was viewing a raccoon run down the side of the road. I made it to the econo lodge safely and check into your average motel room.




Started the day off with a cruddy diner breakfast. Then filled it with a couple gas stops and 75 miles of traffic riding.



OK… So I’m not instagraming every second I’m not riding. I was actually really tired (from work and life) on this years trip so I didn’t shoot as much as normal but HERE is the link to my unedited shots. Enjoy and it was good to see everyone.

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