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Rare Opportunity

It’s a good thing I occasionally pay attention to my email. Years ago (when I had my Thruxton) I ended up on the email list for the local Brit bike club. I went on a few rides and they would remind me of bike nights here and there but I that was about it. We’ll a few days ago I was checking out what they had sent, expecting the usual rides and bikes for sale, but instead it was an invitation to the club to check out a private motorcycle / car collection. Apparently the owner (I’ll call him Jim) of the collection was in town and offered to open his doors for a few hours. I figured it would be cool to see a few old bikes and a handful of cars (most likely Ferrari’s and such) and take a couple photos and dip. Well, apparently Jim has a serious addiction to British iron. I was happily surprised to see that most of the (50 +) machines were bikes and the cars had class. It was also refreshing (being in South Florida) to find out that Jim does the restorations himself rather than just drop money on collecting them (I was most envious of his shop actually). As you can see in the photos he’s got some great stuff but being obsessed with details you’re going to have to imagine a lot of it because I didn’t get a lot of “full body shots.” Unfortunately my phone wasn’t focusing all that great either but hey… it’s a phone.

Some of the highlights:

- Vincent Black Shadow, 1929 Packard, the 1913 Knox (that thing was huge), 1913 Mercer (so amazing… it had oil fueled lights), all the Matchless, the Indians and Royal Enfields and well… pretty much everything else.


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