ShowClass_ 90
Show Class Magazine Party…

Went down to the Show Class Magazine release party at the Circus Bowl. Saw some friends, some good skating and some great bikes. The Gladezmen played and killed it as usual and then the Red Bull transformer truck took over. Thanks so much to the guys at the Circus Bowl for hosting. That warehouse is sick and the A/C makes it like skating in heaven. I appreciated it so much I think I paid for a month of A/C… and I didn’t even skate. And don’t think you can find it and head over and skate… unless you’re a bro-in-the-know. So here are a few shots and the rest can be found here.
ShowClass_ 90

ShowClass_ 71

ShowClass_ 1

ShowClass_ 73

ShowClass_ 17

Eric from FNA motorcycles is a super cool guy and makes super sick bikes…
ShowClass_ 95

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