10watt projector
Sold out to the V.O.T.

So… like any good artist I sold out to “the man.” The man in this case is the Village of Tequesta. A little background… when I moved to the V.O.T. everyone had these lame blue V.O.T. pride stickers on their cars. So I made my own version as a joke and gave them out to friends. Then more and more people started asking me for them so I started selling them here.

Well… last week the V.O.T. called me to inquire about getting some since they’ve been receiving a lot of requests for them. ┬áSo I gave them a supper good deal considering they will be cannibalizing my sales. I’m not super proud of this because I feel like the uniqueness will be watered down for those who did the legwork to find and purchase them. So to make up for that I’ll be designing a new and improved sticker (sold here) and those that have purchased directly from me will receive a free upgrade.

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