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Tar Ball Run II

Woke up at 5:45am, out the door at 6:30. It was 65 degrees out so I grabbed a sweater thinking the sun would be up soon. Too bad I forgot that I was heading out into the cane fields where the temp was going to be lower. My legs were shaking so bad I had to move my foot away from the gear shift so I wouldn’t accidentally shift down.

On 27 the fog was so bad that I had to use the finger windshield wiper to see where I was going. At least the sun was up.

Got to cafe 27 right on time though. Too bad everyone else partied the night before and was late. So we didn’t roll out till noon. Great group though. Tamp, Orlando, Daytona all representing.






So here’s the rest of it…

Friday night we fought off mosquitos and boozed up around the gasoline stoked fires to the swamp tunes of Nate Augustus and the Gladezmen (well… one other Gladezman). Despite the cold there was some nudity but not the kind people pay to see. Luckily it was dark and I had put the camera away. And as far as I know there were no Skunk Ape sightings.

Saturday morning was rough but not as rough as it was for some…

TBR_IIb 89
TBR_IIb 25
TBR_IIb 27
TBR_IIb 107
TBR_IIb 98

The morning ride back to the gas station “Jiffy Mart” place was on the sketchiest road of the trip and I was glad to know I wasn’t the only one to think so. After we displaced some beer with breakfast sandwiches we rolled out to Alabama Jacks. I have no idea what little towns we ripped through but it was a good ride and almost everyone made it one piece.



Beers and burgers at Alabama Jacks then we were on our way to key west.


With a few stops here and there…
TBR_II 106

In Key weird we held the raffle and then hit the town…

TBR_II 188
TBR_II 189
TBR_II 191
TBR_II 158
TBR_II 252
TBR_II 215
TBR_II 271

All in all it was a killer trip. About 45 bikes with people (Boston Mike, the Miami crews, Loyd, Eric and George from Empire of Rust) representing from all over Flo-rida. I think I’ve quadrupled my list of riding buddies after this one and I’m already looking forward to the next.

A huge thanks to George for putting this together!


For all the other unedited photos go here.

Stay tuned for the video.

2 Responses to Tar Ball Run II

  1. Eddie bonilla says:

    What up pics look good man. Hit me up on facebook or call me up.

  2. jorge ibarra says:

    Rob, thanks again for everything…looking forward to the video.

    ride safe

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