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Piston Envy 73 T-shirts

I’ve had a lot of personal side projects I’ve been wanting to do for awhile and have finally started busting some of them out. This time it’s some t-shirts. Seeing as how I’m a design nerd with an interest in motorcycles and mechanics (the way things work… not the dudes) I’ve started to merge the two. What I’ve got here is a 1973 Sportster piston exploded view. It started as an art project and moved to the t-shirt. See… I’m in advertising by day and maybe more than the average consumer I get tired of brands and products forced on me. I just wanted some motorcycle geek art, so I decided to make my own. I’m hoping there are some people that feel the same way or else everyone’s getting t-shirts for their birthdays.

Anyhow… these are going to be a limited run of 100 in various colors (because black gets old) and then I’ll come up with something else. If you’re interested in upping your bike night cool you can grab-em here.


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